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  • Muhammad Wal Mursalin Trans TV banjarmasin


Making simulations with applications makes product planning costs more efficient. Various natural fiber composite materials require the right processing technology to become quality composites in the machining industry. This study aims to analyze the impact strength that occurs in composite materials reinforced with haur bamboo fiber and glass fiber with the ASTM D 5896 impact test. In the simulation process an application is used to see the extent of material damage in order to improve the composite design and repairs that must be made. Making simulations with the Pro Engineer application, it is known that the polyester material as a matrix and a filler of polystyrene fibers as reinforcement can absorb impacts up to 9.8 kN with a safety factor value of 3 being 8596e + 01 N / mm2. Damage to the headlamp and front grille was repaired with the addition of brackets and mass blocks to the bumper beam for the affected parts.


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